Recently Sold Businesses

Business Acquisition Experts is extremely proud of our Recently Sold Businesses. It is an honor and a privilege to work with and on behalf of; some of the smartest,hardest working business leaders, owners,visionaries, and entrepreneurs. Our singular purpose at BAE is to drive value,competition, and results. Our success has proven it right here with these Recently Sold Businesses. – Cody Weaver Business Acquisition Experts Founder and Former Business Owner

Business Acquisition Experts Recently Sold Businesses has been published to show our success in closing many deals in numerous different sectors. Such as:

Manufacturing, Distribution, Healthcare, Alternative Energy, Niche Markets, Process Automation, Recycling, Select Franchises, etc.

Here is a list of BAE’s Recently Sold Businesses with their actual selling price and valuation multiple. Some deals were valued using a multiple of Sellers Discretionary Earnings (SDE) and others were valued using a multiple of Adjusted EBITDA. Typically smaller businesses that have been acquired by an entity that will assume the day to day operations and become an owner/operator is priced by SDE. Our larger M&A deals on the other hand are valued by many core value drivers but price is usually justified on an Adjusted EBITDA basis, unless the buyer is a strategic buyer whom is paying for synergies and synergy savings. Please take note that some businesses Sell for much larger multiples than others. The key is preparation, timing, growth potential,financial reporting,recurring revenue, customer/supplier diversification, skilled management team and most importantly business model. If you are thinking about selling your company we implore you to reach out to a trusted business broker or M&A adviser like Business Acquisition Experts. Start preparing NOW! The end result could be substantial. Do Not take a “hair-cut” on the sale price of a business, get the highest price and the best terms. Work with BAE and you will eventually become one of our proudly recognized Recently Sold Businesses.

** All “current exclusive” and “recently sold” business listings along with corporate identities are held in the strictest confidence. Yes, even after the SALE!!  However, we are more than happy to provide ample references from satisfied clients whom we have successfully represented in these deals. All Recently Sold Businesses have been consummated within the past 18 months.

Well-Known Wholesale Food Distributor For Sale w/ Real Estate- SOLD

Price: $3,100,000

Jersey City, NJ

Business Description: This Company is the most important wholesale food distributor in Jersey City NJ because of its strategic location. Their distribution center location allows them to provide fast and excellent quality products and services to their customers. This business is currently serving the entire  NJ/NY Metro area. While the majority of customers are restaurants […]

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Niche Market Aerospace Tooling Manufacturer & SOLD for 4.1x Sellers Discretionary (Stock Sale)

Price: $4,400,000

North New Jersey

This Company manufactures precision production tools & equipment for major Aerospace and Electronics Manufacturering Companies. Their excellent quality products focus on design, construction, and assembly of electronic components and circuit board assemblies.  They are also top producing exclusive distributors of foreign produced robotic soldering manufacturing equipment. They have  customers and agents(reps) across the globe  that […]

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Aerospace Precision Sheet Metal Manufacturer (Aviation, Aerospace, Aircraft Manufacturing Aluminum Extruded Products) SOLD for 8.6X EBITDA

Price: $14,200,000

New Jersey

This company manufacturers and sells its sheet metal products to all of the major aerospace and aviation companies. They Manufacture Precision Sheet Metal and Assemblies. They recently added a facility for Chemical Conversion Coating in House ( EPA Regulated ). Some of their most notable customers include: Northrup Grumman, Boeing, GE Aviation, Smiths Aerospace, Target […]

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Award Winning Pizza and Italian Restaurant- SOLD for 2.2X SDE

Price: $830,000

Central New Jersey- Middlesex County

Location, Location, Location! Established 37 years ago, this local favorite high volume Pizza and Italian restaurant & pizzeria is in a very busy shopping plaza located very close to the Garden State Parkway. Net Margins of almost 40%  and Cash Flow of $500,000+ makes this place a real gold mine.  This business has a repeat […]

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E- Commerce Pet Health Care Product Manufacturer with HUGE Runway for Growth SOLD for 4.4X Adjusted EBITDA

Price: $2,000,000

Monmouth County New Jersey

  Business Description This company is truly one of a kind. This pet friendly offering represents the very definition of a firm that caters to a very unique niche market with a remarkably innovative animal related education and medical care products that greatly assist in their medical care while remaining humane, and has a unique […]

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Established Liquor Import And Distributor Business For Sale SOLD for 3.15X SDE

Price: $695,000

Red Bank NJ

    Business Description This well-established Jersey Shore  area beer, wine and liquor import and non-alcoholic beverage distribution company boasts coveted accounts throughout the Central Jersey area and generates over $2 million in gross revenues via its diverse income stream. The sale includes this bustling enterprise’s local craft beer and beer import and distribution business, […]

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Very Profitable Vehicle Manufacturing Business in NJ SOLD for 5.2X ADJUSTED EBITDA

Price: $5,500,000

North New Jersey

Recently Sold Businesses Business Description This extraordinarily innovative recreational vehicle manufacturer boasts a unique market changing patented concept that provides it explosive growth potential. The concept is ideal for the entrepreneurial investor who has the capital required to implement a large scale conversion facility. Once this facility is complete, the firm can quickly and effectively […]

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Aviation Contract Manufacturing Company SOLD for 3.2x SDE

Price: $595,000

Jersey City, New Jersey

Recently Sold Businesses Started in 1998, this aviation contract manufacture specializes in aerospace test equipment and  Government Defense spare parts and electronic assembly kits.  Company is qualified for government defense “GSA” contracts.  The company has the necessary equipment for machining parts and metal fabrication.  60% of business is from existing customers and 40% from bid […]

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Price: $1,995,000

New York/New Jersey

Started in 2011 with offices in Europe and United States, this rapidly growing translation and audiovisual subtitling company targets international corporations and local businesses who want to expand internationally.  Their clients come from all sectors; audiovisual, marketing, tourism, financial, medical and other translation and audiovisual agencies.  Revenues for 2015 are projected to be $1.4 mil […]

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The Busiest Restaurant and Bar in North NJ. Phenomenal Cash Flow with C-Class Liquor License SOLD for 2.8X SDE

Price: $2,225,000

North New Jersey

Business Description: Location, Location, Location!  This local favorite high volume restaurant, pizzeria, and full bar is in a very busy shopping plaza. Net Margins of almost 30%  and Cash Flow of $800,000+ makes this place a real gold mine. Their sales consist of 20% from the bar, 70% from food, and 10% from deliveries. They […]

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