Become a Top- Producing Business Broker by Utilizing Business Acquisition Experts Global Marketing Platform and Unparalleled Back Office Support.


Business Acquisition Experts was founded on the core principal of helping other business owners and entrepreneurs monetize their life’s hard work, there is nothing more rewarding than closing a deal on their behalf. Our Job as Business Brokers and M&A Advisers is to help our clients Buy and Sell Businesses for the best possible price and terms. We are in the midst of the largest wealth transfer our country has ever seen. Baby Boomers are retiring at an unprecedented clip and many of them are business owners.  Selling a company is usually the largest and most important liquidity event they will ever undertake and Many owners cannot do it alone. They need professional help! This is where the opportunity arises. If you are hungry, motivated and passionate about helping others secure their dreams then becoming a business broker is hands down the ultimate career for you. Earn six figure commissions in a sustainable industry that will be booming for many years to come. Here are some stats to prove how immense this opportunity really is.


  • As of 2014 roughly 66% of all businesses were owned by aging baby boomers.
  • Baby Boomer Business Owners will sell or transfer approximately $10 Trillion worth of privately held businesses and assets over the next decade. “The Trillion Dollar Opportunity”
  • More than 75% of these “Main Street” and “Lower Middle Market” Companies are expected to change hands by 2025
  • The standard commission for a business sale on any business under $3m is 10%.
  • The New York Tri-State Metro Area is the most densely populated small business area in the entire U.S.
  • The Top 10% of Business Brokers and M&A Advisers earn $300k+ annually.

Business Acquisition Experts is actively seeking ambitious, savvy, and relentless people with good business acumen. BAE has a full training program and is willing to train the right individuals the skills needed to become a highly successful broker. Income potential is basically unlimited and the need for our services is in high demand. If you are focused and have drive to be a WINNER then contact us today!