High Volume Grocery Store in Brooklyn; Absolute Cash Cow, Durable Profitability

Price: $1,750,000

Location: NYC-Brooklyn

Industry: Retail Grocery, Meat Market, Food Srore

Listing ID: BAE201805

Grocery Store

Listing Description

This is hands down one of The Meat Market Grocery Store in New York City. The hidden jewel in the community does an average of 15,000 customers per week. It is located in the heart of Brooklyn in a very densely populated neighborhood that contains a demographic of low to middle income families. The location is perfect for a food market like this, for almost every reason imaginable. The majority (approx. 80%) of this grocery stores annual gross revenue comes from high volume meat sales. The remaining 20% of revenue is comprised of the basic grocery consumer staples. The general area of the business attracts a ton of foot traffic because the market is conveniently located in a food-specific shopping plaza. Situated right next door to a very large fresh fruit & vegetable produce market, a seafood market, and a canned goods store. This store has been serving local customers the freshest quality beef and poultry products around, always at the lowest price. And they have been doing so for 20+ years at the same location. In doing so, this store has built a great reputation and a steady flow of daily customers from the community. This business does a significant amount of govt assisted EBT sales because shoppers can get the most “bang for their buck” when buying in bulk from this store. And then get their fresh produce right next door. Great synergy between the two markets- each specialty grocery store feeds off of the other one (no pun intended).

Are you looking for a cash flow machine? If your answer is Yes, then this grocery store is it. This business generates consistent, durable, and predictable cash flow year in and year out. Sales have increased YOY for the last decade. Keeping up with the cost of inflation while growing with the population. Owning this store has allowed the current owner to make alternative investments that have consequently made him a very wealthy man. The seller’s reason for exit is early retirement and the opportunity cost associated with time spent on keeping tabs on his store. He came to the realization that his time is better spent in other ventures (ie. real estate). One of the strongest value drivers for this business is that the owner has built it to run as profitable and as efficient as possible, semi-passively. His long-tenured management team runs the store. He works the minimal time required for any grocery store owner/operator. Time spent is basically to keep his employees honest and count the cash.

The store has two full-time managers. Management is responsible for All of the hiring, firing, scheduling, purchasing, inventory, etc. This is a turn-key business with excellent cash flow and guaranteed sales. Everybody has to eat! If the new buyer of this business is willing to work full-time and run the store’s day to day operations. He/she can easily earn an extra $60-70k annually by letting go of one of the management positions. However, the current owner nets $500,000+ in cash flow annually. WHY work all those extra hours? When you can buy it as is and still have a very healthy income stream.

They have a great selection of different meats. They also sell family meat packs to accommodate large families. There are also great food and dairy bargains as well. The grocery store is very clean, organized, and well-lit with a perfect retail layout

Our team at Business Acquisition Experts loves this business for many reasons. Profits are very durable, the seller is motivated and very reasonable with his opinion of value. This “lifestyle” business is perfect for anyone looking to diversify their portfolio, add an additional income stream, or work to support a whole family. This store will Sell fast. Don’t miss out on acquiring this cash cow, Call us Today.

Asking Price $1,995,000 + Inventory

Cody Weaver (646)737-5273


Kenny Yeglinski (732)850-2903

BAE Mission Statement

Listing Details

Down Payment: $1,600,000

Total Sales: $5,584,248

Cash Flow: $502,660

EBITDA: $502,660

FFE: $100,000 (Included in Price)

Inventory: $200,000

Terms and Conditions?:


Reason For Sale:

Seller has been in the industry for 30+ years . He wants to take an early retirement and focus on growing his real estate portfolio.

Training & Support:

Full 30 day Training & Support included. Plus ongoing phone support if needed. Seller wants to insure the success of the next owner.


Year Established: 1999

Owner Hours Per Week: 20

Employees: 10

Managers: Two full-time managers. One general manager and one assistant manager.


Owner Qualifications:

Retail business management or owner experience. Knowledge of inventory purchasing and perishable goods a plus. This is a turn-key business that anyone can be successful at with the training & support from the seller. And the early reliance on the management team.


Seller financing available to qualified/experienced buyer with a large down payment. Industry specific 3rd party financing available to other current grocery store business owner’s looking to add another location.